Corporate-Social Responsibility portal

How can you contribute to Moyamoya research and treatment?

If you would like to contribute as an individual or corporate organization to the advancement of research, education and treatment of Moyamoya disease,
kindly use this this portal.

Contributions are accepted to any of the following domains:

  1. To conduct in-house training programs and workshops for Residents and Consultants for microvascular anastomosis surgery
  2. To conduct peripheral hospital-based training and education programs on Moyamoya disease
  3. To fund research projects in Moyamoya disease
  4. To fund innovations in surgical techniques of Moyamoya disease
  5. To facilitate advanced training and collaboration with other centers working on Moyamoya disease.
  6. To conduct outreach programs for doctors to improve awareness and inform treatment options, through medical institutions, hospitals and medical associations.
  7. To conduct outreach programs for the society through clubs, organizations and local bodies, to improve awareness and to provide medical guidance on treatment.

Literary services to translate the website contents to all regional languages of India is also solicited, so that information on Moyamoya disease is available to diverse ethnicities of India.

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